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Purchase Advanced Task Scheduler Professional

Advanced Task Scheduler Professional For Windows 32 and 64-bit

Number of licenses/units
1 - 4 license(s)
5 - 9 license(s)
10 - 49 license(s)
50 - 99 license(s)
100+ license(s)
1yr. Updates and Support
2yr. Updates and Support
3yr. Updates and Support
  • To purchase a license, click on the price above, and follow the instructions provided in our secure online store.
  • Prices for other Advanced Task Scheduler editions are available here.

Activating/Registering Advanced Task Scheduler

Once your order is successfully processed, you will receive email confirmation with your activation code. To activate Advanced Task Scheduler:

  • Open the "Activation/Registration" dialog from the "Help" menu of the main Advanced Task Scheduler window, then enter your activation code exactly as shown in the registration email. It is important to remember that character case, punctuation, and spaces are significant. We suggest that you copy and paste the code directly from your registration email to the activation dialog.
  • You have two activation options:
    1. On-line activation
      On-line activation is the easiest and fastest way to activate Advanced Task Scheduler. If your computer is connected to the Internet, simply click the "On-line Activation" button.
    2. EMail activation
      EMail activation allows you to activate Advanced Task Scheduler without direct connection to the server. You need to send us your activation code and hardware fingerprint by email. If you have more than one license you can send us hardware fingerprint for each computer in one message. Click the "EMail Activation" button to open your default email client with precompiled message body.
  • You can use one copy of the software on only a single computer at any one time. You can activate your software as many times as you want on the same computer (with the same hardware fingerprint).
  • Activation is based on the hardware configuration of your computer. If you upgrade some significant parts on your computer, reactivation might be required. In that case please contact our Support Service.
  • You will be able to reactivate your software on a system with different hardware fingerprint automatically in 6 months after last activation.
  • Money-back guarantee: If for any reason you're not happy with Advanced Task Scheduler, simply let us know within the first 30 days and we'll give you the full, prompt refund. No questions asked!
About product
FAQ & Support
Download trial
View screenshot
Purchase license
Online manual
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Current Version:
The following prices are based on a single order:
Basic Edition 32 and 64-bit$ 39.95 USD
Professional Edition 32 and 64-bit$ 59.95 USD
Network Edition 32 and 64-bit$ 149.95 USD

Thanks for continuing to improve the program. This program is great, powerful, and simple.

Elisabeth Jones

Computer: Minimum required by operating system you are running.
Disk Space: Under 30 MB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 32-bit or 64-bit.